A message from Ms. Arlene Marshall,

Site Administrator – Jones I, II and Senior Apartments

Jones Memorial Homes, I, II, and Senior Apartments has a quiet country charm while located in the heart of the City of San Francisco. We are conveniently located within walking distance to shopping, banking, and dining. Our mission is to foster an economically, and socially sustainable society by promoting the value of diversity

Our commitment to inclusiveness and equality is celebrated daily with our diversity. With a clear and conscience goal to celebrate our individual differences,
where all of us are respected, where our staff, residents who use services, as well as those whose service our properties, are all treated with dignity, we seek to continuously strive for an environment that provides everyone a fair opportunity to fulfill their potential without suffering discrimination or disadvantage.

We are all different from one another; our cultures, religious beliefs, and creed, our genders, our race, to name a few, which make up our community, making it a
diverse and exciting place to live. By celebrating our differences and learning about one another, treating people as individuals, and placing positive values on diversity in the same community, we all enrich not only our lives but those around us as well. Come help us celebrate our differences!