A message from Ms. Arlene Marshall,

Site Administrator – Jones I, II and Senior Apartments

Jones Memorial Homes, I, II, and Senior Apartments offer a unique blend of quiet country charm and the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco. Located conveniently in the heart of the city, residents have easy access to shopping, banking, dining, and other amenities within walking distance.

The community’s mission revolves around fostering an economically and socially sustainable society by embracing and promoting the value of diversity. Inclusiveness and equality are celebrated daily, recognizing, and appreciating the individual differences that make each person unique.

The commitment to respect and dignity is extended to all members of the community, including staff, residents, and those who provide services to the properties. Discrimination and disadvantage have no place in this community, and everyone is given a fair opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Jones Memorial Homes takes pride in its diverse population, which includes individuals from various cultures, religious beliefs, creeds, genders, races, and backgrounds. The community recognizes that this diversity enriches the living experience, making it an exciting and vibrant place to reside.

By actively celebrating differences and learning about one another, Jones Memorial Homes emphasizes the importance of treating each person as an individual. Positive values are placed on diversity, fostering an environment of understanding and appreciation within the community.

If you’re seeking a welcoming and diverse community that values each person’s unique qualities and encourages a sense of belonging and acceptance, Jones Memorial Homes invites you to be a part of their celebration of differences.